Mileage Log

Mileage log – the mere mention of the term can send chills up one's spine.

If you are in any kind of business or personal situation where you need to keep track of your automobile's mileage, you know what a chore it can be.

But that doesn't have to be the case any longer because of a product called Mileage Logger by a company named Vulocity.

mileage log recording has never been easierThe Mileage Logger is a small unit that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter that will automatically record all of the information required by the IRS to satisfy your mileage log requirements.  It uses Global Positioning technology to automatically record the number of miles you drive for a certain purpose.

According to the IRS website the standard mileage rate for cars and vans for business use is $.55 per mile for 2009 and with the prices of gasoline soaring to nearly $3.00 per gallon (and continuing to rise), you simply cannot afford to overlook this straightforward business deduction.

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The Mileage Logger is Easy to Use!

Simply Plug It Into Your Car and Drive! The Mileage Logger takes care of all of the tedious work necessary to record your mileage.

Go online and review your travel log, add comments and categorize your travel files. Editing the details of your mileage report has never been easier!

Finally, Export your report into an excel sheet and print! Your mileage log is now ready for any purpose you have need for … almost automatically!

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Here's How the Mileage Logger Works:

Determines your location accurately using a GPS – The Mileage Logger uses digital technology for determining your mileage.

Shows the location, speed and time of any unit that you own in real time – Makes tracking of individual units simple.

Keeps an accurate log of your miles, drive times and locations – The Mileage Logger automatically uploads your data to the Vulocity website where you can login to add details and print your report.

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After you've used it a couple of times, you'll be glad that you're no longer manually keeping track of your mileage log

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